I Shaved My Vag For This

Your Mom Has HPV

May 19, 2023 Season 2 Episode 1
I Shaved My Vag For This
Your Mom Has HPV
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The time has arrived. 

Katie and Dr. Pero are BACK for SEASON 2 to deliver you more real and relevant topics than ever before. 

This time, it's about your mom and the prevalent disease she's likely carried with her after a routine annual. The HPV. It's the papsmear surprise you never asked for and one of the top viruses led with misinformation and miscounseling by providers. Good news, you're not alone.

  • 42-50% of the adult population (roughly HALF of all adults) at some point in their lifetime will have an HPV infection.
  • 75% of all sexually active women will have HPV in their lifetime.
  • Only 1 podcast is covering the real data behind this prevalent disease and providing clear, actionable ways to regain control over your health 

Tune in to discover why HPV is not just a young person's disease, the importance of education and action to prevent progression to cervical (or head and neck) cancer, and how small changes to your diet and lifestyle can create dramatic results, allowing you to clear your diagnosis naturally and restore health to body and mind.

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I Shaved My Vag For This? is co-written by Katie Thompson and Dr. Roxanne Pero. Produced and edited by Katie Thompson and Kellen Voss of Kellen Voss Productions. Podcast Theme Song composed and produced by Katie Thompson.

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