I Shaved My Vag For This

Introducing: The SMV Podcast

September 13, 2021 Dr. Roxanne Pero, Katie Thompson Season 1 Episode 0
I Shaved My Vag For This
Introducing: The SMV Podcast
Show Notes

We’re Roxanne and Katie.

They say all forever relationships start first with friendship, but for us, the best relationships include a papsmear, childbirth, and a bionic vagina (stay tuned).

We started this journey together after recognizing the power of two women sharing important, informative moments without compromising time to laugh and shine the light.

We’re excited to share this podcast as a way to expand our community beyond the stirrups and outpatient walls and to bring “the big stuff” forward, normalizing conversation for all people, all generations.

I Shaved My Vag For This? captures the reality of women’s health and will leave you informed, empowered and laughing (with a little pee) in between.

Connect with us @thesmvpodcast @katiefthomps @drroxannepero
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I Shaved My Vag For This? is co-written by Katie Thompson and Dr. Roxanne Pero. Produced and edited by Katie Thompson and Kellen Voss of Kellen Voss Productions. Podcast Theme Song composed and produced by Katie Thompson.